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Funded by the Department of Education

HP4DC was set up to represent the voices of all parents/carers of ANY disabled child in Harrow. The steering group/advisory board members working on behalf of the forum are all volunteer parents of children with SEN and disability.


Why is it important to get involved and have say about services?

In a time when local councils, NHS services and local support organisations have to find ways to save money and cut down on waste, your views on how the services should be run and how much your family need the services, can help decide whether or not funding would be secured to continue those services.


How Can You Get Involved in the Parent Carer Forum?



  • Helps us to reach other parents with children with SEN and or disability from all backgrounds. Help us serve refreshments our at our events.


  • Help us provide parents with information and explain how to get involved, especially if you speak other languages.


  • Help us canvass parents views and fill in questionnaires.
  • Help us give and seek feedback to and from parents to professionals by representing their voices on strategy boards and at meetings.


Examples of How You Can Help Us:

  • Admin + photography
  • Social Media
  • Interpreters
  • Helping with events/consultations
  • Attending meetings as a representative *we are looking at rumeneration for this


We can cover your childcare and other expenses and give a small fee for each time you sit on a strategy board, interview or procurement panel


Joining the forum is vital to it’s success

You can join our database and keep in touch via email or attend our meetings or lend us a hand.


Send us an email at



It’s YOUR chance to get involved, have YOUR say and

MAKE A DIFFERENCE for ALL families in Harrow.



Olivia King-Boateng


HP4DC Parent Carer Froum CO-Ordinator