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Contents include


  • How to Get Involved & Have Your Say (Page 6&7)
  • What’s New in the SEN World? (Page 8)
  • The SEND Reforms in Harrow (Page 9)
  • Early Years (Birth– 5 Years) (Page 10)
  • Special Schools in Harrow (Page 11)
  • Preparing for Adulthood (Page 12)
  • Services for Post 16 Years (Page 13)
  • What’s Happening in Education? (Page14)
  • Special Provision for Children in Harrow (Page 15)
  • What’s Happening in Health? (Page 16)
  • Health Services (Page 17)
  • Services and Support for Children in Harrow (Page 18&19)
  • What’s Happening in Social Care? (Page 20)
  • What Social and Leisure Activities are Available? (Page 21)
  • What Can I Ask For? (Page 22)
  • Do You Know About? (Page 23)
  • Harrow SENDIAS Service (Page 24&25)
  • Local Support & Advice (Page 26)
  • Local Support & Advice (Page 27)
  • Local Support & Advice (Page 28)
  • National Support & Advice– Top 6 (Page 29)
  • Complaints and Compliments (Page 30)
  • What is Advocacy (Page 31)
  • A-Z Jargon Buster (Page 32-35)

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**PLEASE SAVE THIS DATE: Tuesday 15th November 2016 **


SEN Reforms Workshop


All parent carers are welcome to attend this event and find out more about:


• What help is available? What is a SENCO? What is the local offer?

• How to get special educational needs support and what is expected


• Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans, the EHC needs assessments


• You will also have a chance to speak to Nandini 1:1


We will be joined by:


Nandini Ganesh

SEND Parent Advisor for London (London and South East)


Send us an email on: info@harrowparents4disabledchildren.org